• Janet Lam
    Janet Lam

    Johnny manages a few properties for me. He responses to my calls promptly. He has no problem handling or communicating with difficult renters.

    For sale of properties, he has the knowledge of fair market price and qualify potential buyers.

  • Dominic Rubino
    Dominic Rubino

    Johnny has been my realtor since the 80s. I started using him when I bought my first house. Now my whole family uses him. I trust him because he’s always looking out for us, and he’s easy to work with.

  • Stan

    Johnny has worked for us for at least 20 years as rental property manager for our apartment buildings. During this time, he was always able to keep our vacancy low and had a good rapport in dealing with our rental tenants. He is easy to talk to, knowledgeable in his field, attentive and reliable. We are happy with the work he has done for us and he comes highly recommended.

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